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Rod Leash

I made some rod leashes a little while back that I wanted everyone to see. They work perfectly and will save you quite a lot of money in the process.

You can put the loop around the base of the reel and tighten up using the black press piece, and use the carabiner end to clip onto any preferred part of your kayak.

I purchased 3 meters of 3mm elastic, 2 x marine grade carabiners, 2 of the yellow holed balls and the 2 x black press in piece. The parts listed will make two rod leashes.

I firstly cut the elastic in half and burned to ends to prevent them from fraying. Then placed the black piece on the line passing the loose end  back through and finished this with a half hitch knot to keep everything tidy and secure. On the bottom part, the yellow holed ball was threaded onto the line, and then the line taken round carabiner and also finished with a half hitch knot. Job complete, a very simple process.

I’ve used these on many trips now and they will do exactly the same job you’d expect from the more expensive products.

All in less than £5 for two.

img 1145 472x352 Rod Leash